Work smarter

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The dip. That little break when you are painting, it’s worth prey much. The variety in the working position prevents pain due to monotonous movements.

A painter tried three of our best-selling rollers, to see how many dips they required during a longer work shift. We counted on five hours active paining – and here Platinum Micmex managed the job in 165 less dips that Elite Rytex.

At the same time, it is of course not just the number of dips that controls the choice of roller. If your customer for example asks for a smoother surface, Micmex and Rytex gives a much better result than Rilon. Another important parameter is the durability – and that test you can se on the next spread.

What you dip in also matters. If you are using a tray, it takes twice as long time that if you would use a paint bucket – 10 seconds, compared to 5 seconds.

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